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skimme a break

For those nights when the only person you want to see is the delivery guy. Enter: things that will make alone time the best time. Introverts, unite. 

Box includes:

"Alone Time" candle by Cancelled Plans

Cacao Energy Balls by Sun & Swell

Bala Bangles set of two 1lb weights

skimme some r&r

Self-care, for 2022? Groundbreaking. It’s the year of you, and we think you deserve to make every day a trip to the spa. Relaxation never looked so good. 

Box includes:

Satin Pillowcase by Kitsch

Reed Diffuser by P.F. Candle

Facetory Face Mask

Mast Chocolate Bar

skimme (all the) caffeine

A morning without coffee is like a morning without theSkimm: just plain sad. Have no fear, we’ve got you covered on both fronts. That’s just how we brew it. 

Box includes:

Single Serve French Press

USB Mug Warmer

Espresso Cookies by Grey Ghost Bakery

French Press Grind Coffee by Stumptown

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