Virtual Trivia Night Gift Box

virtual holiday party trivia night
We are getting lots of inquiries from companies are looking to plan creative virtual holiday parties.  We have found that the key to success with a zoom holiday party is to have an activity and we have several fun ideas that we will share over the coming days.   Trivia Night is one of our favorites so far.  We have sourced companies that will professionally host your corporate trivia night, and some will even customize the quiz material to your group.  
We are designing special gifts to be shipped to employees so that they can open them on the day of the party, and enjoy the items during the activity.  Here are some ideas for a trivia night gift box:
  • Travel Cocktail Glass that can be monogrammed
  • Snacks: artisanal caramel corn and chocolate
  • Drink supplies - cocktail mixer and soda
  • Conversation paddles and dry erase markers
  • Custom printed box with instructions for the zoom night and a "don't open until" date on the front

If you would like to hear about this or one of our other virtual holiday party ideas, we would love to book a discovery call with you.  Please get in touch!

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