3 Things to Remember when Celebrating Employee Milestones


3 Things to Remember when Celebrating Employee Milestones

Want to boost happiness, morale, productivity, and loyalty in the workplace?  Acknowledge your employees by celebrating their milestones, big and small.  Commemorating life and work events like onboarding, incentive/performance, birthdays, work anniversaries, celebrations and year end is great way to enrich your company culture.  

According to a recent article in Harvard Business Review, these gestures are most efficient when they are perceived as authentic rather than routine or formulaic.  

Here are three simple things to remember when deciding how your company celebrate employee milestones.  life and work events like birthdays, work anniversaries, welcoming a new child, or weddings.

  1. Handwritten Note: The power of the handwritten note is strong.  Go the extra mile by including a thoughtful handwritten message with your milestone gift. 
  2. Public Recognition: Who doesn't like to be acknowledged for their performance by their team?  Take the time to acknowledge their milestone in the next team email or company announcement.  
  3. Standardize your gifting program: Take the time to plan ahead for employee milestones instead of letting them catch you at the last minute.  This will ensure that you have an organized and equitable system in place. 

Need help planning?  Employee gifting is our specialty.  Reach out to learn more about setting up a gifting program for your office!

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