Virtual Conference in a Box (Custom)

Virtual Conference in a Box (Custom)

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This custom gift is a perfect companion to your virtual conference or event.  Send supplies for the party in this clever box! 

With a 24 box minimum, we will custom design the outside of your box to include your logo or any other information you would like included.  The contents will be customized for you and your party.  

Need ideas for a what to include in the box?  That's what we are here for!  Get in touch to schedule a discovery call about designing your custom box.  


Awesome!! I placed an order and it was promptly delivered - during holiday season! Every interaction I had with them, phone and email, was professional and kind. Next time I order from them, it'll be a gift for myself :) 

Melinda R.

Always challenging to send a thank you to a design company. The presentation was lovely! And the gift was an appreciated treat for a hard working team.

Lisa M.